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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

RE: If you're surprised by this, raise your hand


As much as we shouldn't be surprised by the discovery of Islamic terrorists on Air France Flight 447, frankly this little discovery at Cafe Hayek is also unsurprising.

Speculation has blossomed concerning the causes of the loss of Air France Flight 447 ("Wreckage yields clues in jet crash," News, Thursday).

It would be irresponsible to get ahead of evidence, but important factors are emerging. First, some experts blame global warming for the increased severity and frequency of hurricanes (most of which originate at latitudes within 5 to 15 degrees of the equator). Second, the flight appears to have passed through a band of equatorial megastorms. Finally, levels of turbulence in such storms are being investigated in the crash.

Perhaps the memorial service in Paris will be recognized as the first for airline victims of global warming.

Richard Danforth - Seneca, S.C.

Yes, according to the above letter from today's USAToday, the flight was taken down by...Global Warming.