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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Somebody snuck an 'Onion' article in my news

"Obama Considers Detaining Terror Suspects Indefinitely."

Seriously, are they just pulling old Bush articles and changing names and dates, or what?

In true Onion fashion - "Manny Ramirez: Am I in Trouble?" - it just keeps gettin' better:

The Obama administration is weighing plans to detain some terror suspects on U.S. soil -- indefinitely and without trial -- as part of a plan to retool military commission trials that were conducted for prisoners held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The proposal being floated with members of Congress is another indication of President Barack Obama's struggles to establish his counter-terrorism policies, balancing security concerns against attempts to alter Bush-administration practices he has harshly criticized.

On Wednesday, the president reversed a recent administration decision to release photos showing purported abuse of prisoners at U.S. military facilities in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mr. Obama cited concern that releasing the pictures could endanger U.S. troops. Mr. Obama ordered government lawyers to pull back an earlier court filing promising to release hundreds of photos by month's end as part a lawsuit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union.

The decision to block the detainee photos contrasts with the administration's release last month of Bush-era Justice Department memorandums outlining the interrogation tactics used on prisoners by the Central Intelligence Agency. The release of the memos set off a heated political fight, with supporters of the Bush administration accusing the Obama White House of endangering the country and some of the current president's supporters calling for criminal probes of those responsible for the interrogation policies [emphasis mine, in case you're having trouble reading between the lines].

Wait - this is from the Wall Street Journal.
Obama's going to
  • Indefinitely detain terrorists without trial
  • Withhold photos of prisoner abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • He ordered government lawyers to reverse a court filing
  • In so doing, favors his own adminstation's @ss while tossing the last one to the dogs by releasing old memos and calling for a criminal investigation of Bush-era officials.
How's your bloodpressure? Think O Admin flacks are thinking about what small island nation they'll retreat to should a Repub take the White House and not play by Repub decorum, but rather by Dem decorum (read: Jimminy Carter, Obama's "criminal probe")

I so can't wait to see The Daily Show tonight.