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Friday, March 13, 2009

I think I would rather have my children go into Porn than Print Journalism

I am joking of course but at least there would be a chance of a long term career in Porn. I do not know if you could say that for print journalism these days.

Newspaper convention canceled amid industry woes

As you most likely know the Rockie Mountian News is no more and the paper in San Francisco the San Francisco Chronicle may follow the RMN into the great newspaper beyond if they do not find a buyer.

What got me thinking of this was a RUMOR that I heard in the locker room at the health club today from a retired Journal Communication employee who is hearing from people he still knows at JC that they have taken the first steps to filing bankruptcy. From what he said they are doing the stuff you would do if you have to file bankruptcy in the future. They are laying the ground work for it would be another way of saying it. Like I said this is totally hear say but based on the condition of the over all industry and the price of Journal Communication Stock ticker symbol JRN which at the time of this post was 48 cents a share(you know computers keyboards do not have a cents symbol on them) I would not be surprised if the Journal had to file for protection from its creditors in the future.

It is a shame in some ways while I detest the Liberal/Socialist leanings of the political parts of the paper I do get a fair amount of info like sports scores etc from the online version. But that is the rub I would not pay for that info. I could not in a good conscience support a paper that has people like Ricardo Pimentel heading its editorial board or pays Eugene Kane to write anything.

I mean if the JSonline disappeared tomorrow I can still get most of info I get from them from other sources on the Web.

I am not totally against paying for a online newspaper if it is not so Liberal/Socialist like the MJS I used to pay for the New York Sun to read their online version. If the MJS was not a socialist rag I would most likely pay if I had to so I could read their online version. But by choosing to be as Liberal as they are has driven me and from the looks like it a lot of other people away.

I really feel for the people in the industry because where do you go if you are a print journalist or someone who works behind the scenes like the printers etc? I believe you would be hard pressed to find a large metropolitan paper that is increasing its subscriber base in America. I mean there might be one but I bet that would be the exception to the industry trend. The newspaper pond is defiantly shrinking and you wonder if all the fish will be able to survive in the water that is left.

I will try and keep my ear to the ground and see if I hear anymore about what is up with JRN