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Sunday, February 01, 2009

So I was going to cheer for the Cardinals, but then…but now…so I guess I'll…

So I was going to cheer for the Cardinals, since it's their first Superbowl ever, and they're the underdogs, and everybody's picking the Steelers, and what fun is that to cheer for the team everybody thinks is going to win?

But then I saw this story the other day:

For a small Baraboo company, the Terrible Towel count is 450,000 and rising.

McArthur Towel and Sports LLC, towel-maker to the Pittsburgh Steelers, is riding high on this Super Bowl weekend, and will be riding higher still if Pittsburgh wins.

…If the Steelers become Super Bowl champions, McArthur has orders for another half million or so towels, President and CEO Gregg McArthur said.
So now I'm having trouble cheering for the Cardinals, because I want McArthur to get that business!

But then I saw this story in the Baraboo News Republic:

Touchdown! Baraboo-based business scores with 'Trophy Towel'

The National Football League's latest promotional product, the Trophy Towel, may only be of interest to those fans rooting for this year's Super Bowl XLIII teams — the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers — but for one local company, Baraboo's McArthur Towel & Sports, it's of great significance.

In an agreement with the NFL, McArthur, a 123-year-old textile company located on the southwest side of town, is producing 60,000 of the first official Super Bowl Trophy Towels.
So it looks like they're getting the business either way. Go Cards!