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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

WTAQ & Jerry Bader Featured on Rush

This morning, listening to WTAQ I heard Jerry Bader talk about contact they received. Some school or schools in Green Bay broadcast WTAQ during the inauguration ceremony. As you know, at that time Rush Limbaugh is on and Rush rebroadcast the inauguration feed but embellished it. He had the "Hussein" bleeped out (so as not to offend McDole) and it is said he eventually provided live and concurrent analysis. I did not listen to this, I had Winter Was Hard playing grim music for a grim situation.

Anyway, today on WTAQ Jerry expressed disappointment in that he felt the notice they got of Rush's decision to air the inauguration was misleading. However, a teacher from a middle school in Green Bay phoned in & wrote to WTAQ castigating them and demanding an apology. The teacher said her lambsies were reduced to tears by Rush. Of course, she deplored the disrespect from Rush to the event and or the President.

Well, Rush in his opening segment read the e-mail and replayed the VM left. He didn't refer to the teacher by name.

I think the office and the event deserve respect, but I am not going to shed any tears or take any effort to denounce reasonable ridicule. After years of having a president who reflect my values being derided as Hitler, as a fascist, as a dunce, etc and myself equally derided. All I can say to the offended is enjoy it you have well earned it.