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Monday, December 08, 2008

Where are the creative conservatives?

They're in the Blogosphere'o'Cheese, of course.

Josh Schroeder writes:

Hugh Hewitt has a post on his blog at TownHall called On The GOP's Communication Chasm. The Democrats owned us when it came to social media and they also did a better job at messaging.
Hewitt's got a question:

Still, as folks like Leahy and Neppell, All and Ruffini buildout the technical side, who are the "creatives" in the conservative movement under 40?
In response, Schroeder writes (emphasis in original):

Indeed, who can forget what will certainly become an internet classic, Josh Schroeder, impersonating Barack Obama, singing Gloria Stefan:

And this pre-Obamamercial bit of brilliance:

And, finally, Schroeder's greatest hit to date: "This is my wallet"

Quick, somebody throw Josh in front of Hugh's car!