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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Re: the opposite of "turning a deaf ear?"

Hold on there, cowboy.

First, it would be fair enough if UW's Reilly were working within the capitalist system; his job is basically a government job since your tax dollars pay for it. So nix the raises and the astronomically out-of-sync pay. He should be on a scale above his group, not in the stratosphere. (If that means bringing them down to, do it.)

Second, the vicious circle doesn't stop if we feed it.

Third, him donating your money in his and the college's name for goodwill is the biggest sham of the whole thing. The people are still being bilked, they're just being hoodwinked into thinking it's all good now because his money is going to charity.

And I want a tax break on that money - it's mine, after all. Better yet, how about the state and fed putting that money back into my pocket and letting me decide which charity I find most compelling.