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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tancredo: Immigration was seventh-most important issue to Hispanic voters

Very interesting column by Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colorado) regarding Hispanics and Election 2008. The gist: a lot of the conventional wisdom is wrong.

This part really caught my attention:

4. Was the immigration reform issue the main factor in winning Hispanic support for Obama over McCain in 2008?

No, the evidence suggests exactly the opposite. A poll of likely voters in July sponsored by Univision showed that only 11% of Hispanic voters considered immigration to be the most important issue of the election - compared to 54% who ranked jobs the number one issue. An exit poll conducted for CNN showed that Hispanic voters ranked immigration seventh in importance among all issues. The idea that Hispanic voters care mainly about immigration policy ahead of all other issues is a myth created by advocacy groups. A July survey by the Pew Hispanic Center showed Obama's margin of support over McCain on the immigration issue - 59% to 19% -- was nearly identical to his margin on other issues: health care (64%to 19%), education (66% to 18%) and jobs (65% to 19%).
I also appreciated this bit near the end:

It is a mistake to look upon Hispanic citizens as a special interest group interested only or primarily in immigration policy. That is condescending and stupid, stupid because Democrats will always outbid Republicans in that game.
Read the whole thing. Hat tip Conservative Grapevine.