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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A fitting punishment

I had a thought today after we were all given another fine example of the "Chicago Way" of politics.

How about a law that said something along these lines

In corruption cases/capital crimes at the State or Federal level the convicted politician must be replaced by a politician from the opposition party.

Example the next Governor of Illinois would have to a Republican or if Senator Stevens in Alaska had not been voted out but then was convicted he would have to be replaced by a Democrat.

My reasoning is while most Dems will wail and mash their teeth over the corrupt bastard that ran Illinois they really do not care because he will be replaced by a Dem who will put a Dem in to replace President Elect Messiah.

Same way most of us would have not really cared what happened to Stevens since Gov. Palin would have replaced him with a member of the GOP.

My hope would be that if the party would lose a seat to the opposition if their member was convicted of a crime that warranted that person losing their seat(corruption, capital crimes etc) that they might police their members a bit more.

If we had a law like this can you imagine the real outrage we would be reading at the left leaning blogs not because their guy was a crook but because they would be costing them a Governorship and a a Senate seat since I doubt a GOP Gov. of Illinois would appoint a Dem to replace President Elect everything you want and a pony.

The party backed these people they should have to pay a penalty also.

I know this will never happen but it is a nice pipe dream