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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What I'd like to see from the McCain campaign...

...besides more of the Palin family.

I heard a little of Charlie Sykes today – he was asking listeners what they hope to hear from the McCain campaign in these next two weeks.

It may be too late for this, but I still think the way to go is to paint a positive, inspiring picture of the candidate. Best thing about this candidate: you don't have to reach very far. His own story is positive and inspiring.

Watch this video. It's the John McCain bio shown at the convention. It’s a little long – 8:26 – and the voiceover gets a little hokey sometimes. Still, this has what I want to see out of the McCain campaign.

I’ve transcribed the best parts below.


At 1:15: “A four-star father, Commander of the Pacific at the time that his son was a prisoner of war in Vietnam. His father would take a single guard and drive to the border between North and South Vietnam. He’d stand for hours, gazing north. It was as close as he could get to his son, who was imprisoned in downtown Hanoi, the city he’d just ordered to be carpet-bombed.”

3:25: “When the North Vietnamese realized who his father was, they offered John early release… He said no. He’d honor ‘first in, first out’ like everyone else. And so, he chose to spend four more years in Hell.”

4:25: “It says much about the man that Senator McCain led the effort to normalize relations with Vietnam. Five and a half years in their hell, and he chose to go back. Because it was healing for America. That’s country first.”
Tell that story, and end with: “Country First, not just a slogan to John McCain.”

Or: “Times are tough. We need a leader who’s faced even tougher, and won.”

Or: “John McCain, ready to lead,” which is a nice contrast to their “not ready to lead” shots at Obama.

Yes, I know, they've told the story. America has a short memory, though. So tell it again. The Ayers/Rezko/racist pastor storylines aren’t resonating. The negative campaigning from both sides are becoming a wash.

As undecided voters begin to break, they’ll break toward the candidate about whom they feel the most positive. What better way to instill a positive, inspiring image of McCain than to tell that story?