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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More Milwaukee Voter Registration Fraud

MADISON -- A third person in Milwaukee faces charges of election fraud after prosecutors say he turned in 54 fake registrations, including one for a man who died 16 years ago.

Frank Walton, 29, submitted the inaccurate voter forms to the city Election Commission, according to a criminal complaint, with errors that also included fake driver's license numbers and Social Security numbers.

…Walton becomes the third worker at Community Voters Project charged with election fraud in Wisconsin.

The complaint said Walton collected 70 voter registrations for CVP between June 4 and June 17. He was fired him after the Milwaukee City Election Commission notified the CVP that Walton had registered a dead man. Investigators determined only 16 of the 70 registration forms Walton turned in were accurate.

Driver's license information on 17 of 23 forms were incorrect and 40 of 45 forms that used Social Security numbers didn't match the voter. Some of the registrations also included addresses that didn't exist or led back to businesses or vacant buildings.
The story doesn't say, specifically, but it sounds as though the registrations were checked against existing records ("Driver's license information on 17 of 23 forms were incorrect").

Without that safeguard, the names on these registrations would now be on the voter rolls. With the names on the rolls, anyone could simply walk in, claim to be one of them, and cast a vote without having to provide any proof of identity.

Anyone who claims not to see this problem is being willfully blind.