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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Paul Ryan conference call

I took part in a blogger conference call with Rep. Paul Ryan earlier today, and let me say to my fellow bloggers: I sure hope I didn't screw anybody out of asking a question.

Turned out Ryan only had about 25 minutes, and since I asked a question and two follow-ups, I probably took more than my share of time. Sorry about that.

Anyway: the good news is I now know that, yes, a "snow machine" is the same as a snowmobile. I'd been wondering that.

Highlights: McCain/Palin better on energy (Ryan called it an "all of the above" policy); better on the economy (lower taxes, protect us from the Alternative Minimum Tax, reduce dependence on foreign oil); and Sarah Palin might as well have been mayor of Wausau, rather than Wasilla, because she comes off as a native Wisconsinite.

Except she hunts moose instead of whitetails, and calls them "snow machines" instead of snowmobiles. That's what he said.

I asked him about the "energy bill" "passed" by House Democrats. He called it "the biggest hoax I've seen in a long time here...and that's really saying something."

He said this because the bill puts over 80% of our offshore reserves off-limits to drilling. It doesn't allow for revenue-sharing with coastal states, and it doesn't allow for new refining capability.

He said there's other poison pills in it, too, so even if the Senate was going to take it up (they're not), President Bush would be sure to veto it.

But at least they got their issue, right? Congressional Democrats can go home and say they voted YES on drilling!

Except...Ryan also said that Congress will soon vote on a continuing budget resolution. Word in the halls of power is, he says, that Dems will try to extend the drilling moratorium in that resolution - the moratorium that's set to expire on September 30.

I can't help but think that that would be dumb. So I hope they do it.

Cindy from Fairly Conservative was also on the call. Phil Klein, from the American Spectator, asked about the financial bailouts. His report is here.