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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Harris out for the season...maybe

He tore his spleen Sunday night.

The Green Bay Packers probably will have to finish the season without a key component of their defense.

Starting cornerback Al Harris sustained a torn spleen Sunday night against Dallas and in the best case will be out at least several weeks but more likely could miss the rest of the season.
I guess it's kinda hard to rub some dirt on something like that.

At least it wasn’t a Cowboy who did it:

He suffered the injury in the first quarter of the Packers’ game Monday night against Dallas when he collided with linebacker A.J. Hawk in pass coverage. Harris came out of the game briefly, went back in and 12 plays later tackled Cowboys running back Marion Barber with a hard hit. Harris’ hand cramped at that point, and he tasted blood, so he took himself out of the game.
That’s right – we hurt our own guys inadvertently more than the other team does on purpose!

So. Feeling bad for Al is a given, but are we more frightened of what this’ll mean for the defense, or are we more excited to see one of the younger guys getting his chance?