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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not Much of a Packer Fan

Umm, yeah:
Joe Braun thought he bought a Brett Favre Packers jersey for his wife for Christmas six years ago. Instead he accidentally got a mostly green one with a Jets logo on the sleeve. But the 55-year-old and his 54-year-old wife Jeannette decided to keep it.

Actually, the couple from Racine didn't even realize it wasn't green and gold. (Emphasis mine)

"I picked it up, wrapped it and never even noticed," said Joe Braun, who said he bought it at JC Penney. "She opened it on Christmas morning. She put it on and our son noticed it was wrong."

Okay, so they aren't big fans. Right?

So they did and Jeannette Braun has wore the Jets jersey, which is mostly green with white lettering and numbers, to Lambeau Field.

"We have season tickets," Jeannette Braun said. "We go to about three games a year, and no one ever even mentioned it."

I hereby decree that the Brauns must forfeit their season tickets to the BBA, along with everyone who didn't taunt them.