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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I could save $56 a month!

Randy Melchert, running for the 24th Assembly District (to replace the retiring Rep. Sue Jeskewitz), has a plan to lower gas prices:

(Menomonee Falls, WI) Randy Melchert, candidate for the Wisconsin State Assembly, 24th District, announces his "Melchert Plan" to cut gas prices in the Milwaukee Metropolitan area 10%. The three-part plan would eliminate the Minimum Markup Law, lower the state Gas Tax to the national average, and end the forced use of Reformulated Gas.
Okay, so that’s not exactly an original plan. Nor is it likely to happen, seeing as how Governor Doyle would veto it all, even on the incredibly small chance any of it were to reach his desk.

Thank you, Senate Democrat majority.

Still, nice to see him making an issue of it. And he’s got this cool online calculator:

Melchert has also added an interactive calculator to his website at where drivers can see how much these unnecessary regulations will cost them annually.
That’s how I figured out my monthly savings, although I had to overestimate the frequency of my fill-ups, and the reformulated gas requirement doesn’t affect me in Baraboo – I’d have to move to Milwaukee. That’s about $14 a month I save by not living there!

Note: Melchert is one of four Republicans running for that seat. The others are Dan Knodl; Jason LaSage; and Michael Moscicke.