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Monday, August 11, 2008

Let’s see if I got this all straight:

Oil has been falling, the stock market rising, polls leveling, a fight in the Brewer dugout in the middle of a winning streak that hasn’t closed the Cubbie gap, and I have a new second-favorite football team (never had one of those before).

An also-ran politician with awesome hair was having an extramarital affair, and all I can think to say is: so? Weren't we done with that guy already?

And I've missed the start of the Olympics. Except I did catch that swimming relay where the U.S. came from way behind on the last leg. Except I didn't know there's a guy from Wisconsin on the team.

Oh, and 461 emails in my work and private accounts, including spam that my spam blockers missed (I had an auto-reply going on both – does that hurt, do you think? I know you’re not supposed to respond to spam). Several thousand spam messages that they didn't miss. And 3,099 items in my RSS feeder. I’ve really got to cull that one of these days.

Oh, and my own place passed 50,000 hits a little earlier today.

Is that about it?