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Thursday, August 07, 2008

He Finally Is a Jet

Its over and us Green Bay Packer fans experience our first quarterback controversy in 16 or so years. I don't like it either, but oh-well.

I find a little irony here. Remember back in 1991? Ron Wolf worked for the New York Jets as personnel director and Brett Favre was tops on their draft board, but circumstances did not favor the Jets and the Falcons drafted Brett. As we know the following year Ron Wolf became the Packer's General Manager and he got Brett for what seemed like a steal to Jerry Glanville. Now, the Jets finally have Brett.

Also, I remember the year the Packers drafted Bubba Franks. Jet fan at the ESPN show was chanting for Bubba and they drafted someone else and GB drafted Bubba. Well the Jets have both of them now.