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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Re: The bright side of free trade

Stella Artois was the beer of the year one year I was overseas (the cheap one) I bought it, I drank it, I did not much care for it. The other beers I am not familiar with.

The Belgians in general have very different tastes in beer. Often times they sour the beer and put a lot of fruit juices into their brews. I had a belgian red last summer and it was poured into a wine glass and tasted a fair amount like one of those "Jolly Good" sodas.

When I brew I tightly control the yeast, but belgian brewers often times makes beer like people make sourdough bread, that is they let the wild yeast settle in and do the fermenting.

Stores specializing in micro-brews & imports will carry those lambic and exotic Belgian beers but they are very nichey.

Stella Artois, despite my distaste for it, should not do too badly in the general US market.