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Friday, June 13, 2008

That's one of - it appears - a great many websites for and by Democrats who have no intention of supporting Barack Obama in November.

Here's a little bit I snipped from their website:

...we are NOT accepting Sen. Obama to represent us in the White House. He doesn't represent us, or grassroots Americans. He represents elitism, class warfare, demagoguery, race-baiting and misogyny. That's his vision for America and the Democratic Party, not ours.
They've got YouTube channels, too.

Chris Lato over at led me to all this. He also posts a video featuring Jon Cusack making some political point – I refused to watch that one, on the grounds that I love Jon Cusack and it may ruin him for me as an actor.

One more thing: there's another group with the same agenda called "P.U.M.A.," which stands for "Party Unity My Ass." Considering some of the spokespeople these groups have chosen, that's also a nice little double entendre. If you're into that kind of modern-day vernacular, that is.