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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

The following post was written by Kevin Binversie.

As I write this I just wrapped up watching the touching tribute NBC News did for Meet the Press Moderator Tim Russert, and it ended with his 2007 Father's Day message in which he showed his profound love for both to his own father, "Big Russ," and his son, Luke.

That got me to get my dad on the phone, to at minimum wish him a Happy Father's Day. He, of course thanked me, then we joke about which one my brothers was taking him golfing today, and what the heck happened in the Crew's 12th inning last night against the Twins.

That's my Father's Day call with my dad; and I keep praying it's never the last one I have...

It's whenever anyone I know loses a father, I often take a bit of time to think - probably tearing up a bit - about the man my dad is, and how grateful I am to still get these gifts of extra Father's Days, birthdays, Thanksgivings, Christmases, and births of new grandchildren since the heart transplant. It's because of him, I know I'm the kind of person I am; but fear what I would be without him. Without his silence gazes which show exactly what he's thinking without utterance of a word; his drive and love of family, country, faith, the Crew, and the Pack. That there is nobleness in humility, hard work, patience, and never giving up.

Long have I thought, the sign of a good dad isn't how he raise his kids; it's how his own children raise theirs. We learn from the mistakes of his, but realize just why he did the things he did for us as we grew up. We learn sacrifice, what it means to have something to protect, the pain of seeing your child struggle, and the absolute joy of seeing them succeed.

No doubt all of us sees our own dad as 'the world's greatest,' and to each of us in our own subjective way, they are. As we grew up they told us stories, taught us how to throw, catch a ball, bait a hook, and right from wrong. God bless the world for Father. They are, and will forever be irreplaceable, no matter what the size of the government check or feminist rhetoric.

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there.