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Saturday, June 14, 2008


Times like these, I start to forget my policy of not cursing in public.

Pardeeville Dam Partially Breaches; Flooding Problems Persist

MADISON, Wis. -- State officials said the Pardeeville dam is partially breaching Saturday.

Columbia County authorities are evacuating all affected homes.

Wisconsin Emergency Management spokesman Tim Le Monds said the situation is serious.

It's not clear yet how many people are being evacuated or how many homes are threatened.

Kathy Johnson, Columbia County Deputy director of emergency management, said the dam itself is holding but water is getting out and has eroded half of state highway 22. That's the main street in town and she said it's being eroded to the center line.

She said all gas, electric, sewer and water utilities have been shut off to homes north of the dam, and people are being told downstream and in other low lying areas to watch out. Those areas include the Fox River west of Pardeeville, Lower Lake, Spring Lake and Swan Lake.
UPDATE - Here's a better description of what's happening.