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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

More Proof that Democrats are No Fun At All

Will she or won't she? Concede, I mean: get out of the race. Declare Obama the winner.

If she loves me, she won't. But since she doesn't, I'm pulling for her megalomaniacal sense of self-worth to keep her in the race.

Please, Hillary! Please! All the way to Denver!

According to Fox News:

The AP reported earlier Tuesday that Obama had clinched the nomination based on superdelegate endorsements that have not yet been made public.

...It takes 2,118 delegates to win, and the AP reported late in the day that he has 2,129.
The mainstream media has absolutely no history of calling these things too early. I'm pretty sure those Superdelegates can change their minds, if they want. That means it's not over until Denver.

More from Fox:

Clinton aides told FOX News that the only concession she will make Tuesday night is that Obama “has a slight lead in the delegate count.” They said Clinton plans to claim she has won the popular vote, and is working up a victory-type speech for her address in New York City.
We'll know in a few hours.

Meantime, Ann Althouse asks:

What exactly is Hillary Clinton going to say after the last primary is over? How much of a concession speech is she going to give tomorrow? Is it going to be an all-out endorsement of Obama, or will she carefully craft it to preserve the opportunity to win over the superdelegates — to get them to switch — if Obama starts slipping or experiences another Wright-sized blow? I expect her to talk about the importance of unifying the party and getting behind one candidate but to leave the door open a crack. Maybe that one candidate could still be her.
Boy, I hope she's right.

More: Ed Garvey makes whatever arguments fit his pre-drawn conclusion:

Will Senator Clinton end or just suspend? Sounds like the latter given the timing and pre-publicity. The tone of the rhetoric is more Harold Ickes than Vilsack. Ickes, the arrogant and uncompromising leader of the anti-Obama attack, "Can't believe the chutzpah of the Rules Committee" giving some Michigan delegates to Obama. Imagine that? A contest...oh never mind.
Imagine that! Awarding him delegates in a state where he got zero votes!

You do have to give Garvey credit for consistency. He imagined up a bunch of votes in Florida eight years ago, too.