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Monday, June 30, 2008

Magnum isn't running again

Dave Magnum announced today that he won't run for Congress in Wisconsin's 2nd district this year:

“While I am grateful for all the calls of encouragement, I won't be a candidate in '08. Since the last campaign I've added more radio stations to my group and I need to concentrate on getting them up to speed. I appreciate the folks who believe I'd make a good public servant, and I do hope to prove them right one day.”
Dave ran twice, in '04 and '06. Both times, especially the second time, he ran great campaigns against an entrenched and far better-funded incumbent opponent. Both times, he lost pretty big, even though we all had high hopes.

Ask anybody who's lost a campaign: losing sucks.

Dave took it on the chin from both sides of the political spectrum during his campaigns, and I don't think ever really got the recognition he deserved, particularly from conservatives and Republicans. I was proud to support him, and will be proud to again if he ever decides to run for office again.