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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Those wacky government estimates

Story #1:

Governor Jim Doyle today announced that nearly 72,000 families and children have signed up for BadgerCare Plus since the program was first launched on February 1, exceeding initial expectations.

…The state had initially hoped to enroll 26,000 individuals by June 30, 2009. On February 1, 42,000 families and children were automatically enrolled into the program. Since then, nearly 72,000 individuals have signed up, 45,000 of which are children.
Story #2:

At a news conference, Doyle said his administration would save taxpayers up to $200 million over four years through better management of the state bureaucracy under the so-called ACE Initiative.

But three years later, a review shows the goals outlined by the governor have not been met. His administration quietly killed the initiative last year after faulty projections, unexpected problems and bureaucratic resistance hampered the effort.

State auditors are beginning to dig into whether the initiative saved taxpayers any money. (Hat tip Owen)
Somebody tell me again how much Healthy Wisconsin was going to cost?