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Friday, March 21, 2008

Another Early Edition of Saturday's Music

This one features another birthday composer.

Funny, there are three today. Eric Kunzel, JS Bach, and today's featured composer Modest Mussorgsky. Most likely you know the piece I will feature. In any event I feel it to be rather appropriate given today's weather not being bright and springy.

Modest Mussorgsky was born today in 1839 in Russia. Interestingly enough one of his works is entitled Boris Godounov which I guess Boris Badenov (Natasha and Boris from Rocky & Bullwinkle) is play off of.

Another famous piece by Modest is entitled Pictures at an Exhibition which is one of those works with a very heroic ending.

Happy birthday Modest, you would be 169 years old today! Funny, in my mind Modest is a post-romantic composer though the time period in which he lived is definitely romantic.

Anyway the gabbing ends and Night on Bald Mountain begins:

Here is the ending to Pictures at an Exhibition:

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