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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Playing for the Green and...White?

Found this via JSOnline:

Brett Favre could have - maybe even should have - been a Jet.

The Jets had a deal with the Cardinals to move up two slots in the 1991 draft -- ahead of the Atlanta Falcons -- so general manager Dick Steinberg could draft their quarterback for the future.

"We were going to pick Brett Favre," Ron Wolf said by phone from his Jupiter, Fla., home Tuesday night...

"But when it came time for the Cardinals pick, they told us the guy they wanted was on the board, so they didn't do the deal," Wolf said. "They picked their guy, the Falcons picked Brett Favre and that was it."

The Jets, understandably angry and frustrated, had to move on. So they looked down their chart of quarterbacks and took the next one. It was Browning Nagle. Everyone knows how that worked out.