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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Re: Miller Goes Blaze Orange

Sean, you are a true spoil sport.

Furthermore, your idea of trading a blaze orange day for cheeseheads would have the effect of reducing the most important of Wisconsin's nationally recognizable characteristics.

When people learned I was moving here from California, did they say, 'Visit the capital in Madison!' No, they did not. Did they say, 'There's a wonderful art museum in Milwaukee.' Sadly, no. They did not point me to the beautiful North Woods, mention Door County, talk to me about the works of Auggie Derleth or exhort me to read "A Sand County Almanac." They didn't even congratulate me on the good hunting and fishing, or note that I was going to the land of Laverne and Shirly, Happy Days, and that 70s Show. Not one person reminded me that I would be living in the land of Chris Farley.

To a one, they all said, "Cheesehead!"