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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

One bad idea dies in Madison

For now, at least.

Stung by criticism that he was putting his proposed trolley system ahead of crime-fighting and regional transportation woes, Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz on Monday killed his dream for city streetcars.

I always found it strange that a city so obsessed with the view of the capital that it would stunt the growth of tall buildings downtoen would in turn ruin that view with street car cables. But I guess when an even more expensive and likely unused choo-choo train is at stake, nostalgia for street cars can take a back seat.

Cieslewicz said he wanted to make sure a proposal for a Regional Transportation Authority -- scheduled for votes by the Dane County Board on Thursday and City Council on Sept. 4 -- wasn't tainted by the trolleys ' bad karma.

Yeah, with any luck that RTA will die a quiet, ugly death, too. I hate to say it Madison Libs and Greens, but you've created a sprawling metropolis that just doesn't fit the mass transit model. Great job! Long live the Beltline!