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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

But unlike you Eugene no one is defending these idiots

I was wondering when the Race Baiter would make a comment on the idiots who fired shots up in Oshkosh, and true to form Eugene tries to compare apples to oranges to defend the status quo on the North Side.

Show me one post defending these mopes Eugene show me one post telling people to not help the police catch the people who fired the shots.

As usual instead of trying to solve any problems on Milwaukee's North side Eugene tries to say "See it is as bad and dangerous in Oshkosh as it is at 4th and Center.

How many people were actually shot in Oshkosh Eugene? How many murders have happen in Oshkosh as vs. the annual carnage on Milwaukee's North Side.

Keep ignoring that there are real problems in certain communities in Milwaukee, keep trying to deflect the blame and defend the status quo

The Shareholders of the Journal Communications should be embarrassed they are paying this race baiter's paycheck.

Chris 2