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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Who should we listen to on Iraq?

A group of politicians giving into public pressure or someone who actually knows what they're talking about?

You decide.

H/T: Redstate

Time on the Ground in Iraq

Petraeus: Approximately 2 years, 4 months total. Nine months as commander of 101st Airborne, 15 months training Iraq Security Forces, more than 4 months as Commander of Multinational Force Iraq.

Reid: Less than 48 hours (March 21-22, 2005)

Years of Military Experience

Petraeus: 33 (after his graduation from West Point in 1974). Petraeus is a master parachutist and is air assault and ranger qualified.

Reid: None

Military Decorations

Petraeus: Defense Distinguished Service Medal, Distinguished Service Medal (twice), Defense Superior Service Medal (twice), Legion of Merit (four times), Bronze Star Medal for valor, State Department Superior Honor Award, NATO Meritorious Service Medal, Gold Award of the Iraqi Order of the Date Palm, Combat Action Badge; French, British, and German Jump Wings.

Reid: None

Counterinsurgency Planning

Petraeus: U.S. Army Counterinsurgency Manual, 282 pages

Reid: “Real Security: Protecting America And Restoring Our Leadership In The World,” 103 words

Weapons Caches Discovered

Petraeus: Under his command, Coalition forces have discovered 441 weapons caches since January 2007. As MNF-I has pointed out, every time you take weapons out of the terrorists hands you save lives.

Reid: None

Post Offices Re-named

Petraeus: None

Reid: 11 this year