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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

WEAC: "Don't Blame Us, We Only Teach the Kids"

Out-going President of WEAC Stan Johnson, realizing that controlling the Governor, the State Senate, and DPI cooking the books for his outfit still hasn't hidden the truth, his union employs some bad teachers.

(I said "some" Jay!)

So, to hide this fact, Johnson lashes out at the source of his ill-will; the Federal "No Child Left Behind" Act.
WEAC President Stan Johnson issued this statement following the announcement that 45 schools and the Milwaukee Public School District have not made “adequate yearly progress” (AYP) according to the list mandated by the so-called No Child Left Behind Law:

“This list of schools not meeting so-called adequate yearly progress does not help our great teachers and education support professionals do what really helps children learn in the classroom. Accountability should include multiple measures to evaluate learning – not just the results from reading and mathematics tests. Within five to six years nearly every school in Wisconsin and in the nation will be identified as in-need of improvement under the ESEA’s unrealistic expectations.”

“This AYP list does not address the societal gaps that make learning more difficult for disadvantaged students, especially our youngest learners. The No Child law requires school districts to give tests developed for regular education students to many students with disabilities and non-English speaking students.”

Adequate yearly progress (AYP) is one provision in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), federal laws that govern education. This act is up for reauthorization in 2007.

“We know what works in Wisconsin: Great teachers and staff, small class sizes, one-on-one attention, ongoing teacher training and mentoring, up-to-date books and learning materials, parental involvement and community support. Not mandates and punishments handed down from Washington, D.C.”
Stan, can we put you on record as being for the elimination of the Department of Education? Because, that sure sounds like a win-win situation to everyone involved.

Of course, what Johnson hates is the mandates that come with NCLB, not the money that comes along with it. And if you'd ask him, Johnson would tell you we 'need' the Department of Education. Because teachers unions want the bank open, just no means to ensure the money's well-spent.

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