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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Jessie Jackson and Eugene Kane two of a kind

Jessie Jackson was arrested during a protest at a Chicago Gun Store.

They were protesting the shooting of a 16 year old honor student on a Chicago City Transit Bus.

No one from the gun store did the shooting I do not even think the gun came from the gun store, but who do the poverty pimps and race baiter's protest a legal business. Which most likely had nothing to do with the shooting and totally ignore the gang thugs who are actually committing the crimes.

Gee that sounds like someone we all know here in Milwaukee doesn't it.

Until the people living in the communities being attacked by these thugs stop following the leadership of people like Jessie Jackson and Eugene Kane nothing will change. As a community they want to put the blame on everyone but the people who are actually committing the crimes and the "leaders" who do nothing but enable these thugs.

I am sorry they have gun stores in hundreds of cities all over America but do not have the crime problems that say the North side of Milwaukee or the South Side of Chicago have, how could that be?

Illinois also has very strict to almost stupid guns laws, that is why I am pretty sure the gang bangers did not buy their guns from the gun store being protested.

Once again as a lawful gun owner who believes in and abides by the rule of law I will not allow the actions of thugs in certain communities to cause my gun rights to be attacked by people like Eugene Kane and Jessie Jackson or for that matter Mayor Tom "which way to the secret bunker" Barrett.

Its the Thugs not the guns causing the problems.