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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wisconsin Supreme Court

I met Judge Ziegler last night.

I also met Attorney Clifford last night.

I listened to them both speak...

Judge Ziegler kept things positive speaking of her philosophy, her vision and her experience.

Attorney Clifford spent a long time trying to convince me (and others) why her lack of time on the bench made her more qualified to be on the bench than someone who had been there, and then tried to make Judge Ziegler seem like the most unethical shrew on the face of the earth.

Judge Ziegler was clear, concise and upbeat.

Attorney Clifford was confusing, negative and depressing.

Attorney Clifford refused to answer questions regarding her being the first person to hire an investigator to slime their opponent, Judge Ziegler refused to answer allegations brought forth from that sliming.

I'll be voting Ziegler on April 3rd.

Join me?

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