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Monday, February 12, 2007

Spend, spend, spend and then spend some more

Now I am getting nervous.

The reason?

The reason for my nervousness is that the politicians are all in a tizzy and excited about spending the taxpayer’s money again. Without the elections hanging over their heads anymore, they get to spend, spend, spend and then spend some more.

Just in the last several weeks alone, Governor Jim Doyle has proposed massive new spending projects.

In Governor Doyle’s state of the state speech, he proposed providing access for 98% of Wisconsinites to state operated health insurance. Total cost for this project has been estimated to be somewhere close to $500 million, possibly more. Currently New Jersey is working on a similar plan and their estimates are somewhere around $1.7 billion.

In addition, during the Governor’s state of the state speech, he suggested a program called “Wisconsin Covenant”. This program is designed to encourage Wisconsin kids to do well in school, stay out of trouble and then they are promised a spot at one of Wisconsin’s state colleges. Estimated costs of this proposal are about $21 million.

Just this past Wednesday, Governor Doyle proposed a huge spending package for Milwaukee alone. The proposal is for schools, fighting crime and other items for Milwaukee. Estimated costs for these projects in Milwaukee are about $80 million.

This is just the short list of new spending proposals. Governor Doyle has also promised to increase transportation spending, UW spending, environmental spending, stem cell research spending, public safety spending and on and on.

This is all new spending. This does not include the money that we are already committed to spending.

If you look at every one of these programs, they look wonderful on the surface. These are all very worthy causes and in some cases very necessary programs.

Now the question remains- who is going to pay for all of these new spending proposals?

Of course, we taxpayers pay for all of these programs.

The next question is- how do we pay for all of the existing programs plus pay for all of the governor’s new spending proposals?

As it is, two weeks after the November election, Wisconsinites discovered that our state is $1.6 billion in debt. Governor Jim Doyle told us for months before the election, “I balanced the budget”. As we found out after the election, the budget is nowhere near balanced.

Therefore, we are already in debt, and our Governor is proposing millions upon millions of new spending.

Unless the governor’s budget includes cutting thousands upon thousands of state jobs and state programs, there is absolutely no way to reasonable pay for all of these items without raising taxes.

Governor Doyle will have to break some of his campaign promises, and raise our taxes to move forward with his additional spending.

How many more tax increases can we afford? We already live in the sixth highest taxed state in the US.

When does the tax nightmare end in Wisconsin?

Kenosha News article 02/10/2007 Kathy Carpenter