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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Creeps Benefit From Ignorance

Somehow this doesn't surprise me.

Spivak & Bice point out that two child sex offenders walked away with no jail time despite a new state law requiring them to do hard time because the Milwaukee County DA's office as well as judges didn't know the law existed.

[B]y their admission, Milwaukee County prosecutors were clueless for about a half-year about the new law. From June until December, they were charging defendants, recommending sentences to judges and cutting plea deals without using the power legislators had entrusted in them.

"We screwed up," conceded Paul Tiffin, head of the sensitive crimes unit in the Milwaukee County district attorney's office.

Big time.

In fact, the first written acknowledgment in the DA's office came Dec. 11 when Tiffin - who said he was tipped off to the changed law by a defense lawyer - sent out an e-mail to his staff candidly titled "Oops, missed that!"

So did the judges who signed off on the easy time.

The impact of the goof-up will be felt for months, much to the benefit of the perverts. Tiffin said his office will stand by the deals worked out before they learned of the snafu. Then it will be up to the judges to decide if they honor the deals or go with the harsher sentences encouraged by the new law.

This should be a no-brainer for the judges. The fact that the DA's office not only missed this in the first place but will stand by the screw-ups speaks volumes for the complete lack of competence over there.

It proves that left to their own devices, the Milwaukee County DA's office still is not a tough-on-crime unit, the corrupt influence of the soft-on-crime, pathetic excuse for a DA known as E. Michael McCann will be felt for years to come.

This situation is embarrassing to the entire criminal justice system in Milwaukee County.