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Friday, February 23, 2007

Five Fathers

Just some social commentary on the Anna Nicole Smith (ANS) affair. In the event itself and the person herself I can only work up the minimal concern due to every human. ANS made Marilyn Monroe a rocket scientist in comparison and makes Paris Hilton look normal. ANS was always on the periphery of my consciousness and I never quite managed to know even high level details. If I understand was a playboy centerfold, married an old & rich guy, inherited his wealth, and then died unexpectedly.

Anyway. When I was in the middle east I recall hearing of a serious insult. It was a gesture meant to say "you have five fathers". In the custody battle over ANS's daughter how many men have stood up to claim he is the father? Five? Now, of course many will point out the gravy train prize for winning the court battle, but even at that I take this to mean there are multiple guys who figure they have a shot at being daddy.

I do not guess anyone would be so silly to put up the cash to hire a lawyer if he had no shot at the prize, now would he?

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