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Friday, February 23, 2007

Snowpocalypse Weekend 2007

If you live in Wisconsin and your local TV and radio stations have not already gone into Snowpocalypse Weekend 2007 coverage, they will soon. Large portions of the state may 8 to 12 inches of snow or more, and winds might elevate the storm to blizzard level in some areas. If you plan to travel this weekend, keep an eye on your local National Weather Service site, the DOT's road conditions site, and remember to keep some winter supplies in your vehicle. For the rest of you, today would be a good day to stock up the liqour cabinent for a cozy weekend indoors.

NWS Twin Cities
NWS LaCrosse
NWS Milwaukee
NWS Green Bay
NWS Duluth
WISDOT Road Conditions

Thanks to a 620 am WTMJ listener who invented the term "Snowpocalypse" to reflect the media winter weather hysteria last December.