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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Wait Gas Under $2.00 a gallon

But I thought Jim Doyle had proved beyond a doubt that the Evil Big Oil Companies were manipulating the price of Oil. It was not natural market forces that drove the price up over $3.00 a gallon last spring and summer.

Now that a mild winter and hurricane season have lead to a glut of oil on the world market. We are being told it is natural forces that have caused the price to drop not the benevolence of the Evil Oil Companies.

Ok you people who spend all your time screaming every time Gas and Oil prices go up that its Big Oil price gouging I will once again ask you the "Question"

If Big Oil has that much control over the price of oil why are they letting it come back down? Why if they are the real force that sets the prices instead of market forces are they letting those profits escape?

No I know you will not admit you were wrong last spring and summer but then again we should not expect socialists to understand how market forces work ;)