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Monday, December 11, 2006

McGee calls for political opponent to be hung

Alderman Michael McGee / Jackson Jr. called for a political opponent of his, Leon Todd, to be "Hung… Straight up, for his betrayal of the community." Guess who has the audio?

McGee: Leon Todd — Hung for his betrayal of the community (Audio of McGee quote)

Mark Belling picked up in this and turned it into an interesting discussion, not only of McGee, but also of media bias.

McGee non-coverage shows media bias (Audio from the Mark Belling Late Afternoon Show)

UPDATE: McGee Sr. explains it

Michael McGee Sr. has informed us that if you are white, you don't understand what black people are saying, because:
“White folks is sickening! They are some stupid idiots. I mean, they really are stupid…”

He also schools us in terms like fagots (we remember his son's use of this word on more than one occasion), it seems that this term doesn't refer to sexual orientation. And the "N-word" is also a topic of discussion.

You can read, and listen, here:

BadgerBlogger: McGee Sr. attempts to explain Jr’s comments on Leon Todd