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Monday, April 10, 2006

a request for Joey or the Rep who made the Stormtrooper comment

If Joey could call his office see if he will give you permission to quote him. Not that you need it if he said it in public.

But Joey shouldn't have to out this Rep if he really thinks that way about SE Wis Conservatives let him be a man and say it in public. Come if you believe in something then believe in it. I would love to have a cup of coffee with him and have him tell me that I am a mind numbed Sykes Stormtrooper. I mean that I promise to be on my best behavior I will get a sitter drive to Madison and even pay for the lunch. But I would really like to talk to one of these Outstate GOP members who always have nothing good to say about us face to face.

Let me tell you something Mr Mainstream Republican who ever you are, bash us all you want. What crimes are we guilty of in outstate eyes. First forced them to do their job and vote to raise our Gas Tax. Second we killed their beloved ethanol mandate(if the stuff is so great the market will bring it to us it wont need the government to force us to use it.)

This GOP Rep sounds like he doesn't like the fact the Serfs now know how to read and can figure out we are being shafted a lot of the time by the state GOP.

Remember something MR Big Talking Outstate rep Mark Green is going to need every SE Wis Stormtrooper Vote he can get to beat Diamond Jim. I am sure Mr Green will have no problem cashing the checks we Stormtroopers send him either(note I am not blaming Green for any of this) When Green became the GOP candidate almost all of us Stormtroopers rallied to his banner don't forget that. The enemy until November is Jim Doyle after we take care of that business we will be more than happy to settle this family squabble but I shouldn't have to remind a GOP Rep what the real prize is should I?

So once again I ask Joey to give us a name or have the GOP Rep be a stand up guy and come out and admit he said it. Don't be gutless now.