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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Editorial Freedom? Not in Racine.

The following editorial letter was sent to the Kenosha News, Racine Journal Times and the Burlington Standard Press. It was printed as is in the Kenosha and Burlington papers. Steve Lovejoy at the Racine Journal Times refused to print the letter and asked the writer, Bob Geason of Burlington, to make changes.

Not Telling the TRUTH

When I was much younger my Mother taught me that not telling the truth is called a LIE. Let's start counting the lies from our Current Governor and his local snake oil salesmen.

The Budget: Anyone that has seen the warm and fuzzy WEAC ad's proclaiming their bought and paid for Governor as a walk on water kind of guy. Doyle did NOT lower the gas tax. The Republican majority finance committee did that.

WEAC and the Governor's next lie: Eliminating the Wisconsin Tax on Social Security. AGAIN never a part of the Governor's budget but put into the budget by the Republican majority finance committee.

Another really big lie: $458 Million in NEW school spending is a cut. This lie is being spread not just by the Governor but Bob Wirch, Bob Turner, John Lehman and of course WEAC. The TRUTH would be a really big THANK YOU to Cathy Stepp and Robin Vos for the additional $11 million of new money for the RUSD

How about the lie that the Governor doesn't want to disenfranchise some people by requiring a Photo ID to vote but he has no problem disenfranchising those same Grandma's from getting there cold medicine. I guess we file that BIG LIE under disingenuous or a really big hypocrisy.

The "non truths" just keep coming from the current Governor and his snake oil salesman Turner, Lehman and Wirch. Remember these lies when it comes time to REPLACE the "non truth tellers" .

The following note was sent to Mr. Geason by Steve Lovejoy of the Racine Journal Times:

Bob,I remember getting this now.

Sorry, but you're the one who's shading the truth here. The fact is Doyle signed the budget which contained both the gas tax reduction and the elimination of the Soc. Security tax.

You are correct that he did not propose them - but neither did he veto them. The GOP-controlled finance committee COULD NOT have enacted them without Doyle's signature.

As to the education funding, the GOP budget version did increase school spending by something like one percent. Using his veto powers Doyle increased the amount earmarked for schools by something like 2 or 2.5 percent.

That's the truth, Bob.If you want to rewrite your letter and have it square with the facts we'll be glad to run it.

The Racine Journal Times is apparently unwilling to print anything that does not run the same as their slanted view of events.

Bob's latest reply:


I might be wrong but from other letters printed are opinions of the writer and not held to the same journalist standards of proof we expect from the news media.

With that in mind it seems you want me to give credit to Doyle when how I phrased my opinion is correct as stated.

So to get my opinion printed I must give credit for the act of signing. I was not aware that to get an opinion printed it had to be the truth according to Steve Lovejoy. That smacks of censorship.

According to figures the school new money was 8.6% NOT 1% and RUSD increase was more like 11%. As I did NOT mention percentages but simply the TRUE FACT 450 million in NEW spending is NOT a cut. A fact that the Kenosha News called Kreuser on the carpet for and gave him a DART for that lie.

The fact that my letter was printed in the Burlington Standard Press and the Kenosha News in it's entirety without first the word count editing I was required to do (something that seems to slip by with the more liberal point of view) and now the "TRUTH ACCORDING to LOVEJOY" brings into focus your attempt to censor my opinion.

I realize this letter will probably get any future opinion of mine banned from getting printed in the Racine Journal.

Fascinating insight we have here into the editorial page of the Racine journal Times. Lovejoy says he thinks the figure of 1% increase for schools is accurate. If My Lovejoy had done any research at all he would of understood Mr Geason's figures were 100% accurate on everything he wrote. My guess is Steve Lovejoy has been reading the slanted articles in his paper for too long.