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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Call Russ tell him how wrong he is.

If you want here is the list of contact numbers for Cut and Run Russ. Please call the office that is near you and tell them how disgusted you are with the Senators actions. Let them know how you feel. Please be polite and keep your heads (its hard when your this upset but please do).

But let C&R know that he isn't going to BS his way through this, This act isn't old Russ being a maverick. It is Russ stabbing our troops in the Back, Its Russ giving Aid and Comfort to the enemy.

Please Call and Send Emails and even take a few Moments to Drop a snail mail letter. Russ has chosen which side he is on. Lets let him know he isn't going to get away with it.

Remember you can be angry but be polite.


If your a not a Wisconsin Resident call anyway. What C&R is doing effects us all.

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