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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Live from the Racine Sheehan Protest

I attended the Cindy Sheehan protest vigil in Racine this evening. There were 16 adult-type people, and 2 little kid type people walking around in circles holding candles and small signs.

Also in attendance were myself, my friend Frank and a reporter and photographer from the Racine Journal Times.

  • Two cars drove by and honked their horns.
  • One car pulled up to the corner with his window down, a protester shouted out to him, "Stop the war", the driver responded, "Finish the job"

Uh that's about it. What can I tell you, it was nothing. 0.00018% of the population showed up for this, and no doubt it will be front and center on the Journal Times in the morning. A bigger crowd than this shows up at Starbucks every morning between 7:00 and 7:15am.

I spent a great deal of time speaking with the Journal Times reporter. He was not at all interested in my name and said the two of us showing up would not be mentioned in his story. He did indicate he had hoped there would be a contingent of Anti-Cindy protestors show up so he would of had a better story.

This was nothing more than a way for to keep this story on the front page of papers all over the country, it worked too, I went down and covered it.