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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Walker v. Green

A few days ago, Wigderson Library and Pub mused about whether whether or not Scott Walker or Mark Green should drop out of the race for Governor to allow one of the two to mount the strongest cmpaign possible against Jim Doyle. While I agree with him that an uncontested race would allow the Republican nominee to carry less bagage into the Governor's race, it won't happen. Both candidates (deservedly) feel like they can win this nomination. Because of that, yyou won't see wither back out. Personally, I like Waker's odds over Green's, even though Green seems to have a better organization in place. Additionally, while you don't want same party candidates slinging so much mud against each other as to render their campaigns moot, the competition could lead to a candidate against Doyle who is both battle tested and over the the strongest claims against him.