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Friday, May 20, 2005

May 24 Madison school referendum-serious ballot problems!

Heads up to those of you in Madison. Random 10 is clueing us into an NBC 15 report that the ballots for Tuesday's school referendum in Madison were misprinted. Officials are claiming that the ballots at the voting places will be corrected in time, but information more information at sketchy at this point. This referendum, if given the tumbs up, would allow the Madison school district to permanently exceed spending caps. Madisonians, you will need to perform extreme dilligence on Tuesday to make sure that you don't get played into writing the school board a blank check in perpetuity.

The timing of this discovery, the Friday before the referendum, is highly suspicious. If there was ever a time for a Wisconsin blog swarm, this is probably it.

Absentee ballots is where the potential problem will lay. A close vote will probably take the decision out of the people's hands and put it into the courts.

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