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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Green Growing His Green

Mark Green has made the first steps towards an official run for governor.

U.S. Rep. Mark Green all but made his campaign for governor official Tuesday, filing the paperwork allowing him to begin raising money for a gubernatorial bid.

The Republican congressman from Green Bay also transferred $1.3 million from his federal campaign fund to his new state account. But senior aide Mark Graul said the moves were not an official announcement that he was seeking the GOP nomination for governor in 2006.

"We're in January and this election is two years away essentially," Graul said. "There's no need to do formal announcements right now. If it's something you're likely to do, you want to be prepared to do it."

Mark Green and Scott Walker are very strong candidates for the GOP. The hope is that they refrain from bloodying each other too badly. The GOP primary is very late. It comes in September of 2006 with the general election coming in November. As we all saw with the US Senate race against Feingold, there is no margin for error for whichever candidate wins the GOP primary.

Doyle is weak, but not stupid - and he has a lot of time to prepare. Whoever wins the Primary should be ready to spend $10-$15 Million.

In any case, it is good to see the GOP putting forth its best people for the 2006 race. I am also cautiously hopeful that the national GOP will put this race high on its priority list. A GOP governor in the swing state of Wisconsin will help in the presidential race of 2008.

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