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Friday, January 02, 2009

What ever Diamond Jim is smoking

I wish he would pass some down this way.

Doyle, other governors call for $1 trillion stimulus

My question to Mr Doyle and the other governors is where the hell are going to find this money? Why is cutting back never an option?

All we heard from the left is the huge budget deficit that Bush ran up(with the help of both parties in Congress) but they keep asking for huge bailouts and stimulus packages

And I wonder what it would take to have Jim Doyle tell his WEAC masters that they will have to live with what they have or maybe even a little less. Come on can anyone tell me that their is no Pork in most school district budgets?

At some point the Federal government just printing new money is going to bite us all in the ass be you blue or red. Can you say Weimar Republic?

Wouldn't it be nice just once to hear Jim Doyle say we will have to learn to live on less because the money is just not there?

Man the next year is going to be Funny. But Not Ha Ha Funny.