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Friday, September 12, 2008

So I was doing my usual casual blogosphere click-through…

…and on Conservative Grapevine I found a link to this: an Anti-Socialized Medicine Blog Post Contest.

Huh. I write about that quite a bit. So I clicked over, figuring maybe I’d enter.

Or maybe not, too. I mean, I’m not going to write a post just to enter a contest. I like to write about things that are happening. You know, keep it timely.

But anyway. It’s a weekly contest, and the link had other links to last week’s winners. So I clicked one of them. And then I clicked to the original newspaper item that spurred the blog post. And I read about how British doctors aren’t telling cancer patients about the latest treatments, because of the oppressive bureaucracy looming over their every decision.

And I thought, geez, that hardly sounds “universal.” And I thought of all the other examples of such things I’ve read in the last year.

And all of a sudden: bam. I was up to 800 words.

Don’t worry: I culled it down some.

Oh, if you want to enter the contest, I think you've got until Sunday.