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Friday, August 01, 2008

Re: Sad end for bear

Hmmmm.... let's see:

Who'd you be more afraid of - a tired, dying bear with a jar stuck on its head, or a bunch of lawmen who chased him into town over a week, failed time and again to capture this sadly hampered beast, then shot it with lead* and killed it after they cornered him in a city?

It's a damned good thing Pooh lived deep in the Hundred Acre Wood, or he'd be a pelt on some trooper's den wall by now. I only wish that the former were real and the latter was a children's story.

*C'mon!!! Haven't they heard of sleepy darts? You know, the kind they take down lions and elephants with in Africa so they can tag them or move them when there's trouble?

By the way, nice to be back from the hinterlands of the bright continent's eastern bush. I'll only be posting at GMC with pics and stories, so as not to sideline Badger content.