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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Interestingly Enough

Iran is stockpiling oil in tankers off of its coast. Why? Because it is waiting for higher prices. No, not prices bigger than $130.00 a barrel but perhaps $100.00 a barrel. Iran's oil is a heavy crude and not worth the same as the light crude. That sort of crude produces more heating oil of which there is supposedly and abundance of. See This Economist article for the whole story. In fact, the article I refer to states the discount rate on Iran's crude is growing larger! Check out this Belmont Club article & discussion that gives the news above an even more interesting twist.

Anyway, I do not think anyone is disputing the importance of developing alternative energies, but it will take more than clicking the heels together and chanting "I wish for alternative energy!" Solar and wind play a part but wind is viable only on large commercial scale and solar is *VERY* promising on the small scale (I seriously considered it for our home, had I calculated properly the first time our new house may have had PV material the south facing roof and I looked into geothermal heating but they play shell games with you on that), but is not going to be able to fit the bill on a large scale for some time (if ever). Nuclear is going to have to come back onto the table and if the choice is massive starvation (that'll solve our obesity crisis), nuclear energy, or pumping more oil out of the ground it is an easy choice the later two.

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